Mathis Landwehr and Sascha Girndt founded Roundhousefilm GmbH in 2011 with the objective of initiating and developing extraordinary film projects while building a solid filmmaking infrastructure and pool of young, skilled and committed filmmakers. Roundhousefilm is a vertically integrated, full-service production company specializing in the creation of exceptional fictional and non-fictional content with a strong focus on high-quality action. With a strong professional link to numerous Hollywood productions (Cloud Atlas, Unknown Identity, Speed Racer, V for Vendetta, Inglourious Basterds, Ninja Assassin and many more), Roundhousefilm is also an experienced production service provider.


We offer a variety of services from scene-related support to co-production.


We offer previsualisation to find an individual action design for every project including personal training/ preparation before and during the shooting.


We are able to implement the action on set with all required equipment, SFX, stuntplayer recruiting and professional stunt coordination.


If requested, we will support you through our infrastructure with editing, scoring and VFX.