Immigration Game

Tagline: New rules. No chance. | Story by Krystof Zlatnik and Mark Wachholz | Genre: Action-Thriller | Written by Krystof Zlatnik | Directed by Krystof Zlatnik | Produced by Roundhousefilm and Marko Vucic| Director of photography: Stefan Preilowski | Costume design: Till Fuhrmann | State of development: In production | Format: 4K 1.85:1 | Sound: 5.1

Distributed by KSM

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Immigration Game Trailer (01:53)


Immigration Game teaser poster by Marcel Weisheit

Immigration Game is set in an alternate 2016. Germany refuses to receive any more refugees. The only way to obtain a residence permit is to participate in the popular Internet and television show Immigration Game.


Whoever participates as a ‘Runner’ in Immigration Game will be abandoned on the outskirts of Berlin and must make their way to the television tower at Alexanderplatz.


For a prize money every German citizen may chase and eventually kill the refugees entirely unpunished…