Ghost Realm

Original story by Robert Franke | Genre: Family Fantasy | Written by Robert Franke | Produced by Roundhousefilm | Length: 100 min (feature) | Language: English | Art director: Timo Würz | State of development: Pre-production | Format: 4K 16:9 | Sound: 5.1

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Ghost Realm teaser Voodoo Doll (01:15)

Sam Hain is in trouble again. Running away from the three bullies Duster, Grump and Carlos, Sam and his secret crush Elvira try to escape by hiding in the mysterious Doctor Wang’s cabinet of curiosities. With the unorthodox help of the old Doctor, they manage to flee through a back door. But their trueadventure begins when they discover a mysterious mirror in the alley behind the cabinet of curiosities during their escape.


Ghost Realm  is an unconventional, eclectic fantasy action adventure which attracts the entire family with its extraordinary and humorous characters. It follows in the footsteps of other family fantasy movies with worldwide success, such as Alice in Wonderland or Harry Potter. The vibrant, unfettered images and the captivating story make this movie an unforgettable cinematic experience.