Mind Raid

Tagline: Re-Live or die | Original story by Roundhousefilm | Genre: Action/Sci-Fi/Thriller | Written by Jan Cronauer, Krystof Zlatnik, Mark Wachholz and Felix Koch | Directed by Krystof Zlatnik | Produced by Roundhousefilm and Marko Vucic | Length: 100 min (feature) | Language: English | State of development: Pre-production | Format: 4k 2.35:1 cinemascope

Trapped on an offshore research platform with countless crazy degenerates, patient zero must relive again and again his painful memories of the day of the outbreak of a spreading Alzheimer virus, which nearly wiped out most of the global population, to find a cure in order to save mankind from extinction.


In order to save his kidnapped daughter, Chief of Security Doug Adams is forced into stealing a highly contagious virus prototype that was intended to boost the human brain but instead makes the brain melt away. Doug has no choice but to inject the virus into his body, making him patient zero in a worldwide pandemic outbreak ending in the oblivion of the world.  Resurrected four years later on an offshore research platform overrun by bloodthirsty degenerates, Doug wakes up with a memory loop of that fateful day he tried to save his daughter - only to realize that not only is he responsible for bringing the world to its knees, but also that his dwindling memories are mankind's only hope for survival...