Original story by Roundhousefilm | Genre: Action comedy | Written by Krystof Zlatnik and Michael Glasauer | Directed by Krystof Zlatnik | Produced by Roundhousefilm and FFL | Length: 90-110 min (feature) | Language: German | State of development: Pre-production

Partner: FFL

Roundhousefilm presents the breathtaking world of Land of Giants - in the tradition of successful Primetime TV series such as Game of Thrones, Spartacus and The Walking Dead, Land of Giants takes us to a fantastic world far beyond imagination.

In a one-hundred minute long feature film or nine episodes, each about 45 minutes long, Land of Giants tells us the story about the outsider Crutch who is searching for truth and revenge as he wanders through the wasteland to which the colossal giants have reduced the once thriving human civilization.

Land of Giants combines state-of-the-art visual effects with breathtaking action and an addictive plot to create a premium international action-adventure.

Early Karateman key art by Marcel Weisheit