Tagline: Not your average campfire story | Original story by Thor Kunkel | Genre: Action, martial arts | Written by Thor Kunkel | Directed by Thor Kunkel | Produced by Syrreal Entertainment in cooperation with Roundhousefilm | Length: 100-120 min (feature) | Language: English | State of development: Pre-production

Partner: Syrreal Entertainment

Trespasser mood trailer stills

Mathis Landwehr as Luk Drach by Marcel Weisheit

When his ex-wife Shanna disappears in an isolated Siberian swamp, Luk Drach (Mathis Landwehr), a former guerilla fighter, kicks into action. He decides to face his past and find peace with Shanna over the death of their son.

Travelling on his own, Luk arrives in a frosty and hardly accessible landscape, the territory of a bizarre outlaw family clan called the Swamp Dogs. Soon, Luk figures out that the Swamp Dogs took Shanna hostage. As he tries to rescue her from a fate worse than death, Luk must push himself to the breaking point - there is no way back. Equipped with a perfect body and exceptional mixed martial arts skills, he takes on the Swamp Dogs, leaving a trail of destruction through the Siberian outback.


respasser is much more than a fascinating and action-packed road movie. Thor Kunkel has created a unique, dystopian world in the Siberian swamps.


The story is packed with lyrical, wry and darkly comic surrealism typical for Kunkel's work. It takes us on a breathtaking journey into an unknown heart of darkness, where the former member of a mountain guerilla squadron is forced to walk the warrior's path.

Luk's fight style clip (01:59)

Luk's dark past as a secret man-hunter known as White Death, specialized in hunting down mountain rangers, is catching up with him. He has to fight the fight of his life - even though it is the Swamp Dog's territory, it is Luk who lays down the rules.