Story by William James | Genre: Superhero Action | Written by Jan Cronauer and Mark Wachholz | Directed by William James | Produced by Roundhousefilm | Director of photography: Christian Huck | Costume design: Till Fuhrmann | State of development: Pre-production | Format: 4K 2.35:1

Superblack is, in its first season, a six-part superhero series with a dark and subversive twist on the genre.


Set in Berlin, the epitomical capital of divide and reunion, we explore how our established concepts of identity and individual self become severely challenged.


Themes of broken identities and questions of hidden fantasies linger deep within the dark heart of the superhero genre. They confront our characters and the audience with one dreading thought: That our own mind might be governed by forces beyond our free will. Even – or especially – if its powers become super. It might turn out that “you” is someone else entirely.


Superblack takes us on an emotional, cinematic and dark ride down the rabbit hole, where our heroes and villains will fight over the single most valuable thing in the world: Identity.

Superblack teaser artwork by Marcel Weisheit