Berlin Hero

Story by William James | Genre: Superhero Action | Written by Jan Cronauer and Mark Wachholz | Directed by William James | Produced by Roundhousefilm | Director of photography: Christian Huck | Costume design: Till Fuhrmann | State of development: Pre-production | Format: 4K 2.35:1

When exposed to a mind-altering serum, meek campaign assistant Leon suddenly suffers from a flamboyant and maniacal split
personality. His new super-powered other self ignites a personal quest for revenge in order to avenge the brutal murder of "their" beloved big brother Aaron, a riot cop in the Berlin Police Force.

Aaron died unraveling a deadly conspiracy about the uprising interior senator of Berlin, Juliane Glücklich. With her hypnotic powers growing, she seeks control over Berlin’s political elite to ensure her upcoming election as the new mayor. Gluecklich secretly builds her own personal army by extending her mind-control over the Berlin Police Force to eliminate everyone who stands in her path of taking over the capitol.

Can Leon find a way to control his daring alter ego before it gets them both killed? And can they save the fate of an entire city? Perhaps not on their own, but in a city like this, some unlikely heroes might be willing to team up…

Berlin Hero teaser artwork by Marcel Weisheit